About C.A.R.E.

Courage Affects Responders Everyday aka C.A.R.E., was started back in 2015 by founder and owner Heather Harp. Through a lot of hard work, dedication and 100 hour weeks on the ambulance, Heather has made her dream a reality through starting an organization that helps first responders. C.A.R.E. received its LLC at the beginning of 2018. We are currently working on obtaining our non-profit (501c3) status. Our mission is to shed light on the taboo topic of PTSD and Suicide awareness among first responders, who have suffered in silence for way to long. We want to see more resources available for public safety to reach out to for help without repercussions. We are currently certified in vast areas of CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) and offer confidential peer to peer support. 

We must not only bring this topic to light but also need to get rid of the stigma that it’s not ok to have emotions when a call affects us, after all, we are still human under the uniforms we wear. Through many of the one on one calls we have received there is such a great need of just understanding without judgement, that it’s a normal biological response to be affected when you are exposed to any kind of trauma. Perception is everything, what may affect me, may not affect someone else and vice versa. Many factors play into this such as, personal life, calls previously ran, burn out, self care etc. It is a necessity we do better in taking care of one another, we are brothers and sisters and need to treat each other with compassion, kindness and understanding. Be there for one another, reach out to your co-workers, lend a non-judgmental ear and shoulder, you may just be surprised to know you SAVE A LIFE!


Our primary focus at this point is to provide resources for EMS, Fire, Police and the often forgotten 911 dispatch, bring awareness, remind people that self care is crucially important and remind people that it is ok to not be ok. We will continue to work with all those in emergency management to help mediate the lacking resources for all of public safety.

Thank you for reading about us. Feel free to look around the web page for updated articles and feel free to contact us on the contact page.

Peace, Love, EMS, Fire, PD, 911 Dispatch

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